In the 16th and 17th Century, the Europeans called Penghu Islands “Pescadores,” which means “fishermen's island” in Portuguese.

《春》Spring in Penghu


Walking on the village trails in Penghu that are covered in blanket flowers, you would feel like a butterfly dancing gracefully. Skylarks sing to greet the arrival of spring, and the gentle sea breeze coming towards you is so full of life. Then you realize, such simple and harmonized sensations make life so colorful and enjoyable.


The blanket flower grown in Penghu, originally from North America, stands up well against heat or cold. Although being a foreign guest, it has already taken root here and is seen all over the island, covering the earth of Penghu while the skylarks covering the sky. You can see blanket flowers in red, yellow, or orange colors sand dunes, open countries, and suburbs, demonstrating the theme of spring on the fashion stage. This is the “county flower of Penghu County” which is also known as the “Blanket Flower Islands.”


Although the world is ever-changing – even in Penghu, you will experience total peacefulness in your mind just by taking a walk for a few minutes and enjoy nature. Experience nature's inner and outer beauty and explore into your dreams that have been left alone by yourself for a long time.

《夏》Summer in Penghu


Summer in Penghu is full of dynamics and energy. With the help from the bright Sun, the locals and the visitors rush into the beach to cool themselves down. Who cares how hot it is? Just push the pedal of your jet-ski to the metal and go as fast as you want! Surfing on the water isn't enough for you? How about putting on a parasailing gear and fly into the sky? Come enjoy the excitement, intensity, and the kind of sensation that completely sets your body and mind free.


There are all sorts of water sports in Penghu, including snorkeling, banana boats, donuts, water-bicycle, lover's boat, jet-ski, beach cart, and parasailing. These activities come in 8-in-1 or 10-in-1 package and are very valuable.

《秋》Autumn in Penghu


Penghu's early autumn is cool but not cold, and it is also when the season of mollusks switching to shell-fish. It is safe to say that the best season to enjoy Penghu's seafood is autumn. Mid-autumn arrives in Penghu around October, and this is when the heat leaves and autumn breezes come. Penghu also puts on a new look: the sea now has more waves as the northeast wind blows the land.


Autumn is when nature puts on a new look and weather changes become more distinct. If you are a little bit down, come to Penghu, and your sadness will instantly be removed by the beautiful sceneries here. You will then understand that by interacting with nature, sadness can always be turned into happiness.

《冬》Winter in Penghu


Winter in Penghu is never cold and wet. Although the northeast wind is strong, it is not violent, and it is very “straightforward.” It allows Penghu to have different appearances, nourishes the sea, and gives birth to Penghu's green energy in LOHAS era.


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